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Pool Care Programs

Getting on a pool care program is the smartest, easiest, and most economical way to take care of your pool to ensure years of enjoyment. What could be easier than following a step-by-step pool care program that accounts for everything you need to maintain a sparkling clear pool?

SunSpot Pool & Patio is known throughout the Tri-state for our expertise in pool water chemistry and finding solutions for pool water problems. Our Bioguard Certified Water Care Experts can help you find the pool care program that's right for your pool, and can help you locate the pool supplies and Chemicals you'll need to keep your pool beautiful all season long.

We can help you decide between any of our three top-of-the-line Pool Care Systems:

BioGuard pool supplies
Softswim pool supplies

From start to finish, takes just minutes of your time.

The non-chlorine alternative for swimming pool care.

Mineral Springs - Complete Line (3 plus Cell Cleaner).png

The perfect combination of nature and technology.

3-Step Program
The BioGuard Once-a-Week 3-Step Program

BioGuard's Once-a-Week 3-Step Program is Ideal for:

  • Pools up to 25,000 gallons

  • Above-ground and in-ground pools

  • Pump circulation 10 to 24 hours per day*

  • Proper water flow through skimmers, with adequate skimmer basket area

  • Any surface type

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Sanitize to kill bacteria

Step 2: Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water

Step 3: Prevent algae growth

BioGuard pool supplies

Step 1


Keep pool water sanitized with BioGuard® SilkGuard Complete™ Stick and Tablets containing SilkGuard® Technology.

SilkGuard Technology:

Makes water velvety smooth Protects pool equipment for longer life Prevents metal staining and corrosion Reduces scale formation Softens water *If pump circulation is more than 12 hours per day, Silk Smart Sticks may need to be applied more often than once per week

And SilkGuard Complete products contain SmartGuard technology, so that they dissolve slower when water is circulating slower to prevent damage to your skimmer and last longer. They also contain Algae-Killing Crystals for added protection.

Step 2


Keep pool water clear with BioGuard Smart Shock™ Keeps water sparkling clear Multi-functional product shocks, oxidizes, buffers and clarifies Kills and prevents bacteria growth Unique blue algae-fighting crystals kill algae.


No need to mix or pre-dissolve!


Available in convenient 1 lb. bags and 2 lb. resealable bottles.

Unlike other conventional shocks that require 10 hours before swimming, with Smart Shock™ you can be back to swimming in just 15 minutes!

BioGuard Pool supplies
BioGuard Pool supplies
BioGuard Pool supplies

Step 3

Keep algae out with BioGuard Algae Complete®. Specially formulated to work with Silk Smart Sticks and Smart Shock to prevent algae before it starts.

Algae Complete combines the preventative power of Back-Up and the advanced algae-killing power of sequestered copper, which won't stain your liner or foam. So, it can be used both as your weekly Step 3, or in larger doses to fight visible algae in your pool

Plus, Algae Complete comes in a bottle that will hold enough for an entire season of maintenance doses in most pools and features an easy dosing cap.

The Mineral Springs System

The Mineral Springs system utilizes easy-to-apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. It takes only five minutes a week to maintain - in fact, once you've begun the system, you only have to add the Renewal® product once a week. That's it!

BioGuard's Mineral Springs Program is Ideal for:

  • Pools of any size or surface

  • Pools equipped with any chlorine generator

  • Frequent travelers or vacation-takers.

  • Those looking for the luxuries of a mineral pool

Mineral Springs Logo (Blk) (HR).png
Mineral Springs - Beginnings (LR).png

Step 1: Beginnings®

A proprietary blend of minerals added to pool water at start-up

Mineral Springs - Renewal (LR).png

Step 2: Renewal®

Replenish mineral levels, keeping water soft and clear

Mineral Springs - Stain and Scale (LR).png


  • Convert - Convert is used to change your plain old salt pool into a Mineral Springs pool

  • Cell Cleaner - Cell Cleaner is an effective and efficient way to periodically clean your Mineral Springs cell or any chlorine generator cell

  • Stain and Scale - Stain and Scale protects your pool and equipment from scale formation

Mineral Springs
The SoftSwim Program

Soft, clear, chlorine-free water is easy to achieve. That’s the philosophy behind SoftSwim. It’s the reason pool owners everywhere are making the big switch to non-chlorine pool care.

BioGuard's SoftSwim Program is Ideal for:

  • Not more than 25,000 gallons

  • Excellent circulation, using a sand filter

  • Pump operates at least 12 hours per day

  • Pool has a bottom drain

  • In-ground or above-ground

  • Any surface type, but especially great for all vinyl-lined pools

With SoftSwim, pool care is easy as A-B-C.:

Softswim pool supplies
Softswim pool supplies

Step A

Prevent Algae Growth

Step B

Sanitize to Kill Bacteria

Softswim pool supplies

Step C

 Oxidize and Clarify for Sparklingly Clear Water

Professional Pool Water Testing
Bioguard pool supplies

Stop by SunSpot Pool & Patio today for a free* pool water test and chemical recommendation. We employ the BioGuard SmartLab computerized water testing system and double check all results against traditional "hand tests" done by one of our trained pool care professionals. Our equipment gives our results a degree of precision far greater than at-home test strips or test kits and will provide you with precise information about your pool's:

  • Free and Total Chlorine

  • PH

  • Alkalinity

  • Calcium Hardness

  • Copper

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

  • Borates

  • and much more!

SmartLab Logo

And when you test your water with us you will walk away with a print-out of your test results as well as a personalized recommendation for supplies to not only correct any visible issues your pool may have, but also to keep your pool balanced. A chemically balanced pool ensures the safety of any swimmers and equipment in addition to a lower chance of green or mustard algae, cloudiness, and chlorine demand. Our recommendations come from one of our BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts, who have decades of experience in the industry and keep an eye on local conditions and trends in pool chemistry.

We recommend you bring a water sample to us at least once a month, but we are always happy to check your water as often as you bring it to us. Whether your pool is cloudy, green, or crystal clear, it is always good to make sure that your water is balanced and safe!

Water Testing
The 5 Keys to Basic Pool Care

The 5 essentials of pool maintenance described here will give you a basic understanding of how your pool functions. For a carefree swimming season, learn about the 5 keys and come visit us any time you need assistance or expert advice. Pool care can be simple when you have a plan for routine maintenance and use the right products.

Each pool maintenance key is very important. Consider each key as a simple, preventive maintenance step.

Pool water must be circulated for maximum sanitizer effectiveness. The more your water is in motion, the harder it is for bacteria and algae to take hold. Debris is captured by your filter, too. The best time to circulate the water is during the day, for 10 hours or more.

The filter is one of your most important pieces of equipment. It removes both visible debris and most microscopic matter. Generally, a filter should be backwashed (the removal of material trapped on or in the filter media) when the water pressure in the filter reaches 8 to 10 psi above normal. (Check manufacturer's guidelines.) Because backwashing does not remove oils and deeply embedded debris, every filter needs to be chemically cleaned regularly. We can help you establish a filter maintenance program.

Some swimming pools have areas with little or no circulation. This is where algae and bacteria can begin to grow. At least once a week, the walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed to remove debris that the filter misses. Brushing is a must, even if you use an automatic pool cleaner or retain a weekly service.

Every pool has characteristics that must be regularly measured and adjusted. Most important are the pH and the level of active sanitizer. By testing these two factors at regular intervals, you'll understand how bather load, weather and product application affect the water. Test your pool water two or three times per week. Also, bring us a sample when you open and close your pool, and every four to six weeks during the season. This will help you maintain proper water balance and greatly reduce the potential for problems.

The last step in a total pool maintenance program is applying the right products to your pool water at the right time. This will help you:

  • Provide a sanitary swimming environment.

  • Balance the water to protect the equipment and pool surfaces. Unbalanced water can permanently damage both.

  • Provide brilliant, sparkling water that's inviting.

5 Keys to Pool Care
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