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Custom Inground Swimming Pool Installation

A SunSpot custom swimming pool creates a vacation paradise in your own back yard! SunSpot Pool & Patio builds every custom pool we sell, unlike our competition, who sub-contracts the construction of your pool. Not only does this guarantee fewer delays and construction worries, but gives you the opportunity for more frequent and personal consultation during the construction process. 

SunSpot specializes in building in-ground vinyl liner pools of any shape and size, customized to your own taste. To further reflect your pool style, select your liner from a wide variety of patterns. In addition, your custom pool is designed with your choice of accessories, including, but not limited to: heaters, diving boards, slides, lighting, water features, special coping and pool deck finishes.

Our premier pool at SunSpot is a polymer wall, vinyl liner pool, installed standard with flexible PVC plumbing lines (no winterizing hassles), the Aqua Genie pool maintenance system, a pump and filter specific to your needs, and general vacuuming & maintenance equipment. 

We'll let our designs speak for themselves...

SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 101
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 105
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 102
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 103
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 104
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 106
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 107
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 108
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 109
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 110
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 111
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 112
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 113
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 114
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 115
SunSpot Inground Pool Design - 116
Or, check out our full Custom Pool Design Gallery

The Advantages of Our Vinyl-Liner Pools

Soft/Non Porous Liner: One of the benefits of a liner is the fact that it is not rough on the feet and does not harbor algae growth, unlike concrete/gunite pools. Having a non-porous surface leads to less chemical usage during the season and therefore money savings as well.

Shape/Depth Customization: Vinyl liner pools can be customized into any shape or depth. Whether you want an 'L' shaped pool, a Roman, a Grecian, Lagoon, or custom shape, a vinyl liner pool will fit the bill.

 The Aqua Genie pool maintenance system: More than just a skimmer, this circulation system includes a built-in chlorinator feature. We install this premium system on all of our pools. Click the Aqua Genie logo for more info.

Unlimited Design Features: Custom stairs, benches, sun decks, and swim-units are easily added to any of our pools. We provide CAD drawings of your design to the liner manufacturer to ensure the best fit possible.

Our Design Process

At SunSpot Pool & Patio, every project begins with a personal consultation to gather your “wish list” for the design of your custom in-ground pool. Dave is our on-site sales and construction manager, and he will oversee the entire design and construction process. Dave is your partner to communicate with from start to finish. This helps to make sure there are no surprises and nothing is overlooked. At SunSpot, we take the time to cover all the details of the project with you, and the same team will work on your project from start to finish.

Shortly after we first meet, you will receive a detailed estimate showing all costs. We will show you the pool layout in your back yard outlined with strings, tapes, and paint, along with information about design options and any additional features. At the contract signing we review design drawings and take steps toward the final design which may happen over a series of future meetings.

Every homeowner is different, and every pool is different. We let you, the customer, control the pace of the design process. This can take days or weeks, but once we have a final design, technical drawings are sent to the pool liner and cover manufacturers to ensure proper fit.

Once the installation of your swimming pool is complete, Doug & Tom, along with their team of pool professionals at our store, will take care of all your water chemistry and accessory needs for many years to come.

You can rest easy knowing that you have entrusted SunSpot Pool & Patio with your custom pool design and installation.

Design Gallery Mini
Our Design Process
Liner Pool Advantages

Pinnacle Pools Pool Structure

SunSpot features the Pinnacle polymer pool wall panel system. Our pools are designed, engineered and manufactured for maximum strength and durability. This quality is backed with a remarkable lifetime warranty.

The features of the pool structure are pictured on the below.

A.  Pinnacle Brace

Deck support bracing is designed to transfer deck weight loading and reduces risk of concrete shifting.

B.  Alignment Coping

Bullnose coping option ensures a straight wall with a clean, finished aluminum edge.

C.  Structural Thermoplastic Wall

The Pinnacle Pool Structural Thermoplastic Pool Wall is molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each of the straight and radius panels have uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs. These panels are the most resistant to all types of underground deterioration including heat and cold. The competition may use galvanized steel panels or aluminum panels, which are vulnerable to corrosion.

D.  Stake-Lok

Assures positive leveling, locking and alignment.

E.  Designated Cutouts

For customized skimmers, returns, and lighting locations.

Our Pool Structure

Do-it-Yourself In-ground Swimming Pool Kits

Interested in building your own pool? Order your pool kit from a team who builds them every day! Building a pool is a big job for a DIY-er. Our expertise can help you save time and money. With the right amount of planning and the right information at your fingertips, you’ll be swimming in no time.

A pool kit purchased from SunSpot comes with the same level of customization that we provide to our custom installed pool customers as you select only those features that you want. Sure, we will help you make the tough technical decisions, and if you would like to add your own creative ideas, we’ll help you realize those dreams too. If you are installing your pool kit locally, SunSpot will also work with you by completing the tasks that you do not feel comfortable doing yourself. If you would like us to excavate, finish the pool floor, or just help with the initial layout, we are only a phone call away.

To ensure the installation of your pool kit is a successful one, be sure your first step is to contact us at SunSpot Pool & PatioCall us to discuss pool package pricing. 

Pool Kits
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