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Pool Chemicals -- Primary

Free* Pool Water Testing and
Balancing Recommendations


Stop by SunSpot Pool & Patio today for a free* pool water test and chemical recommendation. We employ the BioGuard SmartLab computerized water testing system and double check all results against traditional "hand tests" done by one of our trained pool care professionals. Our equipment gives our results a degree of precision far greater than at-home test strips or test kits and will provide you with precise information about your pool's:

  • Free and Total Chlorine
  • PH
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Copper
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Borates
  • and much more!

And when you test your water with us you will walk away with a print-out of your test results as well as a personalized recommendation for supplies to not only correct any visible issues your pool may have, but also to keep your pool balanced. A chemically balanced pool ensures the safety of any swimmers and equipment in addition to a lower chance of green or mustard algae, cloudiness, and chlorine demand. Our recommendations come from one of our BioGuard Certified Water Care Experts, who have decades of experience in the industry and keep an eye on local conditions and trends in pool chemistry.

We recommend you bring a water sample to us at least once a month, but we are always happy to check your water as often as you bring it to us. Whether your pool is cloudy, green, or crystal clear, it is always good to make sure that your water is balanced and safe!


 *Water test free with the purchase of any recommended chemicals. Without qualifying purchase, the cost of a water test is $20.