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Pool Chemicals -- Primary

Pool Supplies and Chemistry with Cincinnati's Water Care Experts

Getting on a pool care program is the smartest, easiest, and most economical way to take care of your pool to ensure years of enjoyment. What could be easier than following a step-by-step pool care program that accounts for everything you need to maintain a sparkling clear pool?

SunSpot Pool & Patio is known throughout the Tri-state for our expertise in pool water chemistry and finding solutions for pool water problems. Our Bioguard Certified Water Care Experts can help you find the pool care program that's right for your pool, and can help you locate the pool supplies and Chemicals you'll need to keep your pool beautiful all season long.

Mineral Springs

The perfect combination of nature and technology.

Soft Swim

The non-chlorine alternative to swimming pool care.

The Once a Week Three-Step Program

From start to finish the program takes just minutes of your time.


Each BioGuard® Care System has three important parts that help you maintain crystal blue sparkling water.
  • A sanitizer to kill bacteria
  • A shock to destroy contaminants
  • A preventative algaecide to stop algae before it starts

Has water chemistry been giving you trouble?

Come in any time for a free* computerized water analysis. Just bring in a sample of water, and we'll be happy to test it for you and recommend the pool supplies and pool chemicals you need. Don't forget to ask about our "Algae-Free Guarantee."

*Free Analysis with Qualifying Purchase