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Pinnacle Pool Structure


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SunSpot features the Pinnacle polymer pool wall panel system. Our pools are designed, engineered and manufactured for maximum strength and durability. This quality is backed with a remarkable lifetime warranty.

The features of the pool structure are pictured on the below.

Pinnacle Pool Structure diagram
  • Pinnacle Brace
    Deck support bracing is designed to transfer deck weight loading and reduces risk of concrete shifting.
  • Alignment Coping
    Bullnose coping option ensures a straight wall with a clean, finished aluminum edge.
  • Structural Thermoplastic Wall
    The Pinnacle Pool Structural Thermoplastic Pool Wall is molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering. Each of the straight and radius panels have uniform rigidity, flatness and strength derived from the strategic placement of ribs. These panels are the most resistant to all types of underground deterioration including heat and cold. The competition may use galvanized steel panels or aluminum panels, which are vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Stake-Lok
    Assures positive leveling, locking and alignment.
  • Designated Cutouts
    For customized skimmers, returns, and lighting locations.

Pinnacle Pool Structure lifetime warranty



Aqua Genie logo -- white background


The Aqua Genie pool maintenance system is a pool skimmer and return unit with a built-in chlorinator and is included in every pool. Because of its design, it removes surface debris from your pool up to 10 times faster than conventional skimmers. It returns the filtered and chlorinated water to the bottom of the pool, and continues working on the pool surface where oils and debris collect. With an Aqua Genie installed, your pool maintenance is greatly reduced because your pool simply stays cleaner with less vacuuming!



Your swimming pool is just the beginning! Stop by our store to discover endless possibilities for creating your own outdoor escape. Whether you would like an automatic safety cover, poolside spa, sun deck, retaining walls or patterned concreted deck, SunSpot can help design the backyard of your dreams that you will treasure for years to come.